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Boalmari Postal Code: Hello, friend. My name is Sneha. I know you want to know the postal code of Boalmari. I mean, you want to know the Boalmari Postal Code or ZIP code. Am I right? Now, you are in the right place to know the postal code. We have all the postal codes of Bangladesh. You can find the postal code below. Please scroll down.

Boalmari Postal Code

The Boalmari Postal Code is 7860. I again tell you that 7860 is the right postal code of Boalmari. You can be sure that This is the correct postal code or zip code of Boalmari. you can know more about the Boalmari Below.

Boalmari is an Upazila of Faridpur, Dhaka Division. The postal code of Boalmari is 7860. There are many histories behind this place. Boalmari has 11 union parishads and one municipality. In Boalmari, there are some mills, shops like M.H. 

Golden Jute Mills Limited, Satoire National Bricks Ltd, Bizli Cables-Boalmari, Farin-Sabriya Traders, Rose Motors, etc. Some banks are also located there like City Bank Limited ATM, Rupali Bank Limited, Sonali Bank Limited, Prime Bank Limited, Agrani Bank Limited, etc.

Popular Places Near Boalmari Post Office

  • Samsung Showroom, Kazi Harun Shopping Mall, Boalmari Bazar Rd, Boalmari 7860, Bangladesh
  • BRAC Bank Limited SME Center, Boalmari Bazar Rd, Boalmari 7860, Bangladesh
  • Boalmari George Academy, Boalmari Bazar Rd, Boalmari 7860, Bangladesh
  • Boalmari Government Primary School, Boalmari-Alfadanga Rd, Boalmari 7860, Bangladesh
  • City Bank Limited ATM, Chandpur Bazar, Boalmari, Faridpur, Faridpur – Boalmari Rd, 7860, Bangladesh
  • Panjeree Academy, Faridpur – Boalmari Rd, Boalmari 7860, Bangladesh
  • Raj Plaza, station road, Boalmari 7860, Bangladesh
  • Nrri, Sohosrail, boalmari 7860, Bangladesh
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