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Bakshiganj Postal Code: Hello, friend. My name is Sneha. I know you want to know the postal code of Bakshiganj. I mean, you want to know the Bakshiganj Postal Code or ZIP code. Am I right? Now, you are in the right place to know the postal code. We have all the postal codes of Bangladesh. You can find the postal code below. Please scroll down.

Bakshiganj Postal Code

The Bakshiganj Postal Code is 2140. I again tell you that 2140 is the right postal code of Bakshiganj. You can be sure that This is the correct postal code or zip code of Bakshiganj. you can know more about the Bakshiganj Below.

In Jamalpur district, Bakshiganj is a famous post office. Bakshiganj postal code is 2140. A postal code, postcode, or zipcode must help people to find a place. Bakshiganj Upazila has 7 union councils, 25 mahallas.

This place is famous for business, human resources, and agriculture activities. There are some popular places like Lauchapra Obsosar Binodan Kedra, Hotel ZomZom, Hotel Ali Baba & Mistanno Vander, Bakshiganj Bazar, Aj parice, etc.

Popular Places Near Bakshiganj Post Office

  • N.M High School, Bakshiganj Sadar, Bakshiganj-Merurchar Road, Bakshiganj 2140, Bangladesh
  • Bakshiganj Govt. Kiamat Ullah College, Malibag Mor, Bakshiganj, Bakshiganj – Kamalpur Rd, Bakshiganj 2140, Bangladesh
  • Cafe Daruchini, Malibazar more , Jamalpur, Bakshiganj 2140, Bangladesh
  • Bakshiganj Police Station, 5VG8+FPR, Bakshiganj 2140, Bangladesh
  • Seba Web Host, Bakshigonj Namapara, Bakshiganj 2140, Bangladesh
  • Shah Cement, Old Bus Stand, Boxigong Jamalpur, bakshiganj 2140, Bangladesh
  • Pollibiddut office, 5VM9+Q67, Bakshiganj 2140, Bangladesh
  • Monakosha Bridge, Bakshiganj 2140, Bangladesh
  • Babul Chisty Industrial Park, Bakshiganj 2140, Bangladesh
  • Doshani Bridge, 5V62+WQP, Bakshiganj 2140, Bangladesh
  • BORDER OF BAKSHIGONJ PAUROSHAVA, 5VPM+JR4, Bakshiganj 2140, Bangladesh
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